The FAT Forensics tutorials aim to get you up to speed and build up your confidence in using the package. They are intended for the beginners and each tutorials aims to teach you how to solve a particular FAT-related issue of a predictive modeling task: data, models and/or predictions.

Before continuing, please make sure that you have installed the FAT Forensics package and you are ready to follow the tutorials. To check whether fatf is installed, launch a Python interpreter and check the version of the package:

$ python
>>> import fatf
>>> fatf.__version__


Doctest Mode

The code-examples in the Tutorials and How-to Guides are written in a python-console format. If you wish to easily execute these examples in IPython, use the:


magic command in the IPython-console. You can then simply copy and paste the examples directly into IPython without having to worry about removing the >>> manually.

Tutorials Content


Additional learning resources are available on the FAT Forensics events website.