Citing FAT Forensics

Please remember to cite our package and user guide whenever you use it.

Citing the Package

When referring to the package, any of its parts, architecture or functionality in scientific literature, please reference “FAT Forensics: A Python Toolbox for Algorithmic Fairness, Accountability and Transparency”, which is available on arXiv.

  title={{FAT} {F}orensics: {A} {P}ython {T}oolbox for {A}lgorithmic
         {F}airness, {A}ccountability and {T}ransparency},
  author={Sokol, Kacper and Santos-Rodriguez, Raul and Flach, Peter},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1909.05167},

Citing the Code

If you want to reference any part of the API (mainly from the software engineering perspective) or the code repository itself, you may consider referencing “FAT Forensics: A Python Toolbox for Implementing and Deploying Fairness, Accountability and Transparency Algorithms in Predictive Systems” instead.

  title={{FAT} {F}orensics: {A} {P}ython {T}oolbox for {I}mplementing and
         {D}eploying {F}airness, {A}ccountability and {T}ransparency
         {A}lgorithms in {P}redictive {S}ystems},
  author={Sokol, Kacper and Hepburn, Alexander and Poyiadzi, Rafael and
          Clifford, Matthew and Santos-Rodriguez, Raul and Flach, Peter},
  journal={Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS) -- under review},

Our Contributors

Please also remember to have a look at our contributors and sponsors.