fatf.utils.distances.hamming_point_distance(y: Union[numpy.ndarray, numpy.void], X: numpy.ndarray, **kwargs) → numpy.ndarray[source]

Calculates the Hamming distance between y and every row of X.

y has to be a 1-dimensional numerical numpy array or a row of a structured numpy array (i.e. numpy’s void) and X has to be a 2-dimensional numerical numpy array. The length of y has to be the same as the width of X.

yUnion[numpy.ndarray, numpy.void]

A numpy array (has to be 1-dimensional and non-numerical) used to calculate the distances from.


A numpy array (has to be 2-dimensional and non-numerical) to which rows the distances are calculated.


Keyword arguments that are passed to the fatf.utils.distances.hamming_distance_base function responsible for calculating the Hamming distance.


An array of Hamming distances between y and every row of X.


Either y is not 1-dimensional or X is not 2-dimensional or the length of y is not equal to the number of columns in X.


Either of the input arrays is not purely textual.